Do you think it was favouratism that allowed Justin Bieber to throw water balloons at police with no consequences?

Yesterday, Justin was messing around with his crew and tossed water balloons at two police officers, who just let him walk away. Do you think the officers just shrugged it off as good natured fun? Would they have been this lenient with any other teen?

Answer #1

“With his crew”? Pahahaaaa.

Answer #2

I don’t think that would have been considered appropriate for anyone. Imagine if instead of Justin it was a group of sixteen year old punk kids, there’s no way the police officers would have just shrugged it off and walked away. Even a more average looking teen, I can’t see it happening, so yes, I would say there was some favoritism shown. I would hope that disrespecting a police officer, or anyone really, in that way wouldn’t be tolerated.

Answer #3

I think it was the fact that he is a Celeb that he got away with it!!

Answer #4

its celebrity favoritism!

Answer #5

Its like Paris Hilton getting clean off after carrying Marijuana at the world cup and at Los Angeles.Justin Beaver what an example for a generation of teens :P first knife crime in the UK then Taliban children trained to gun down any Iraqi,American, or Brit they see.–‘

Answer #6

YES!!! I totally think so because if it was some random person who did it they would probably be fined or somthing!

Answer #7

I think it depends on the police officer. Surely if it was an accident they wouldn’t have done anything even if it was just a normal teen. Also I would find it stupid if a police officer took someone into custody for ACCIDENTALLY throwing a water balloon at something.

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