Why do 11-16 year olds think it's cool to watch little kid shows?

I just don’t get it. Kids at my school watch little einsteins, dora, muppets, mickey mouse clubhosue, go diego go and all sortsa stuff. even some highschholers. even i watch some. but why is it so “cool”?

Answer #1

Maybe not that it’s “cool” but the age you’re at, you still tend to hold on to your childhood and these shows help you reminisce on them :) Especially if you’ve got younger siblings or babysit, you tend to watch the tv shows the kid is watching and remember how you use to enjoy them! Heck, I’m 20 and I still watch Arthur, Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny and Sponge Bob at times :P

Answer #2

i watch all kinds too

Answer #3

I still watch kid shows and I’m 19! I love veggietales!

Answer #4

It’s not cool. It’s fun, and it’s nice to remember your childhood when watching them.

Answer #5

im 22 and LOVE childrens cartoons…..what is the problem with it? i grew up with old school stuff like Sailor moon and other anime and even conan the adventure and other cool shiz like that….but now i love Pororo the little pinguen Freefonix, various kiddy shows like Pokoyo.

At least when i have a kid i will find watching children toons enjoyable and not a chore….

when i was a kid i love this…..

Answer #6

well it is enjoyable and fun to watch kid shows. i enjoy it very mucha dn it remindsme of my childhood.

Answer #7

Haha me and my friend watch sometimes. It’s not because we think we’re cool for doing it we just do it because they’re silly shows. And sometimes we just laugh at how stupid and annoying the characters can be.

Answer #8

It’s because it’s something every 11-16 year old does at some point, even if they’re really cool! Everyone loves to relive their childhood!

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