Where do I meet nice girls who have hairy arms and freckles?

I always found women with hairy arms and freckles attractive. I am a nice down to earth professional but have yet to meet someone like this, any ideas

Answer #1

crowded clubs and bars, anywhere where theres a lot of ladies around, you’ll find her :)

Answer #2

london city

Answer #3

Go to a place where the weather is hot and girls wear short sleeves. ..?

Answer #4

atlanta in places like little five points or east atlanta and around middle schools and highschools people are a lot less concious and especialy if you at little 5 check out the vortex or go out to the actual country not around palces like carolton cause girls their are really concious but out in the middle of no where

Answer #5

Some Latin countries or Spain, Greece, there maybe quite a lot of woman who don not shave their arms or under arms.

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