Do you think freckles look cute on a girl?

And no, not on a ‘red headed girl’. like someone with darkbrown/black hair and blue eyes. Not all over their face, but enough to say they have freckles. It seems uncommon too.

Answer #1

I loved freckled girls. They look so pretty and innocent.

Answer #2

Like on me lol. You can see my freckles a little bit but not so good cause of the camera. But picturin it do you think it’d look cute?

Answer #3

I think freckles can be very cute! Even sexy sometimes..

Answer #4

Its really cute with freckles around the nose and a little under the eyes :P

Answer #5

yes freckles are very cute lol

Answer #6

Freckles Are Adorable To Me.

Answer #7

Would need a picture.

Answer #8

Yes I do.

Answer #9

i am a redheaded with freckles xD

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