Why do some girls have no hair on their arms?

Have no hair on their arms?
Do some girls actually shave their arms?

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lol I know I don't want to have to deal with it.
My hair grows back fast which makes me mad.
Because in 3-5 days I will have to shave again.

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I shave my armsss.
but some dont even have hair on there arms some people are just diff.

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Everybody is born with hair on there arms. But yes if you see someone with any hair on there arms they either shave or what. My older sister shaves her arms so yer I no!!

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I dont wax or shave or anything on my arms but it looks like I have.
I dunno I just have really fine hairss

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I have like thin brown hairs, they are hardly noticeable but yeah

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Some people just don't have hair. xP

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If you want you can...

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some people might not have hair on there arms because there hair colour is light and not visable on there arms

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@jim: I shave my under arms.
I meant ON your arms.

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I'm a guy & I had been thinking on the theme of hair on girls arms...so I read some here & ..I always asked myself why Blond girls has hairy arms? Bur because are light hair & is blond it can be noticed so much ..& on their belly button it look sexy;)..but I thought it could be because of the genes...but Hispanic/Latin women have dark hair on their arms but the mayority I have seen is lightly hary..not too much...& the smaller percent are the one with very hairy arms. I had a friend that since Hight School has that problem of very hairy arms, one day I saw her arms so beautifuly hairless & She told me She waxed them..She was so Happy & now some 14 years later...& could see that waxing it ,the hairs had become very light not so much hary as when on High School.

For the record I am a Latin/Hispanic guy..specificaly Puertorrican, & the topic of hairy arms if the girl feel uncomfortable with Her arms like that then She can do what She feels what make Her better with Herself..wax it, shavin or whatever..but shaving will only make it grow stronger.

Take care Girls & Thanks.

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For me - my reason is that my arm hair is really dark and it looked gross to me so I shave them. I also cant stand body hair, which is why a lot of females do it. Its for the same point as shaving any other part of your body. I wouldn't stop for nothing - I love how my arms are always unbelievably smooth.

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I have tiny hairs on my arms but they are blond & you can hardle see them!
I'm sure everyone is born with hair on their arms, some have longer & thicker & darker than others & they will either a) shave or b) wax!!

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I still don't see the sense in that.
I only shave my under arms and legs. I wax my eye brows and lips.
Thats it.
Maybe thats how some people have amazingly clear skin.

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Yes. Some girls shave or wax there arms some don't but I wax cause I hate hair lol I only have hair on my head & eye brows.

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Some people do shave their arms, yes. Some of us just cant stand body hair except on our heads/eyebrows.

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My wife shave's her arm pits? But if you want people to see you hairy arm pits than go for it!

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well I know 4 myself that I shave mi arms because I dont wont 2 be hairy but sum gurls are just hairless

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I shave my arms . lol

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Some people just have naturaly barely any hair but some people might shave their arm

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for me I shave my arms. im asian and im also english and welsh so my arm hair is creepy. I have really dark long thick hair some places and blonde on others

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hmmm, well african american people usually dont get hair on their arms.

well atleast all the black people I know dont have any arm hair, and they dont shave their arms.

but usually it's just because people shave their arms.

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My sister shaves her arms... But, my mom gets pissed at that cuase she says that it will make your arms even hairier when she's older. SO I wouldn't!

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hair on you arms is as normal as hair on your head
pretty much everyone has it
depending on your genes and things like hair colour
if it s a light colour the hair elsewere like on your arms will be lighter and less visible
if youve got brown hair or dark hair, it will be darker
and yes, people alo shave or wax there arm hair

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