Where do i get cute clothing that costs less?

My parents don't have a lot of money. Neither do I. And I'm sick of walmart shirts and JC Penny pants. I have really cheap ugly cloths that are definatly not fashionable, yet I have a good fashion sence. Yet, its hard for me to find cloths anyway because I need to shop in the "Plus Sized" section for being a bit overweight. Does anyone know a good place to shop?

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u kan try kohls its very cheap but they have hott clothes.!=]

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Stores with cute clothes on a budget?

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steve and barrys or burlington coat factory!!!

Where can I find cute preppy clothes without paying to much?
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xok Clothing is cheap at xok.bigcartel.com though sometimes you have to email them to request plus sizes, but it's worth it.

Anyplace I can get cheap and cute skater or prep clothes?

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Forever 21.
American Eagle

Where can I get super cute clothes for cheap?
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Ragged Wearhouse has really cute clothes and cheap!!

Where can I find cute and inexpensive clothes?

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a place called rue 21 they have shirts there for like 10 dollars. they are very cute!!
i got this shirt there!! :-)

What are some good websites with cute clothes for girls?
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Second hand stores in nice neighborhoods sometimes have fine clothes.

I need a cute online clothing store

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forever 21

Cute clothes
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Target, Kohl's, Buffalo Exchange..

Can you give me cute clothing and hairstyle ideas?
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Hollistersss cleareance.

anddd forever21, wetseal, rue21, target.

hope I helped girly. :)

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you can check http://www.beyoncehouseofdereonclothingline.com , http://www.thehotshoestore.com , http://www.nellysapplebottomclothingline.com , and http://www.urbantrendyclothingshop.com

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im not sure where your located but theres a store called suzies deals everything is 5.99 or under they have all the hip new styles of clothes i always go in there and xome out with some gud stuff then theres another store called name brand xchange they have new clothes and used clothes but all the hip fashions of today hope this helps ..miss v

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I like Tj Maxx, Ross, Marshalls, and Burlington Coat Factory. You can buy designer clothes there, and I have seen things like American Eagle and Abercrombie at Tj Maxx. (which is in style now adays...) I bought myself a Jessica Simpson jacket at Burlington Coat Factory for $7 when it used to be $75. You have to know how to look though...you have to look through everything to find something good.

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This depends on where your located...bc im not too skinny myself, but when I dress I always get compliments! And trust me my mom is the cheapest of them all but, here in detroit... we have a store called SIMPLY FASHION or FASHION TREND (same company diff. names) they have really cute clothes, also DEBS, even old navy has started selling plus sized clothes...so if you just look a little harder im sure you can find something! & sometimes in this type of situation, you have to get things that you dont usually wear, take a risk and try to develope your own style!

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Steve & Barry's carry a line by Sara Jessica Parker called Bitten, very cute & nothing is over $20.00. H&M is another good place, very fashionable pieces for great prices.

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papaya;s pretty cheap and forever21 even wet seal and tillys those are some really nice stores and they are resonable pricings

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