Where did your water break?

For all the women who already had a baby where did your water break?did you feel anything right before it broke?

Answer #1

my 1st time I was sleeping,woke up to go to the bathroom and didnt realize it was my water untill I started having contractions about 30 mins. after that and then I went to the hospital. 2nd time the night before I had sex and woke up at like 4am in pain,went to the bathroom and was bleeding so went to the hospital and about 10 mins after I got settled in my bed right before they got a chance too check me my water broke. and then my 3rd time,I was out at a store with my mom and I just had a feeling it was going to break and so I told my mom I needed too go home to rest. lol so when we got home 5 mins later I layed down and my water broke. and that was my last time. but everyone is different.

Answer #2

for both my births the doctor had to break my water. I also did not know I was in labour… when I got to the hospital with both I was over 6 cm dilated.

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