Any women on here actually go into labor at home and had there water break - what exactly happens?

With my first child i was induced and had my water broken at the hospital, i never went into labor naturally. Does it flow out alot? How do you get to the hospital without being all wet? lol. Sounds stupid…but im curious.

Answer #1

My mom gave birth to me and my two brothers at home. She refused to go to the hospital. She said that it was the right choice for her.

Answer #2

Mine broke at my sisters wedding!!! There is no avoiding the water, it just comes. Everyone started cheering so it took away from the embarrassment of looking like I peed on myself.

Answer #3

Change your pants when after your water breaks and htne haul ass to the hospital, I guess. During my mother’s first pregnancy her water broke while she was standing in line for something, I forget what it was. Everyone was backing away because there was so much water.

Answer #4

My water broke at home. Lol that was… fun. What’s even more fun is holding a towel to your hooha as you walk into the hospital in sqishing shoes. If your water breaking is the first sign of your labor, you’ve got a good hour or two before you even get uncomfortable with th contractions. I dunno what it would be lik to have a baby at home. The thought scares me. What if something went wrong??

Answer #5

Yeas I did, I went into labor after working 8 hours in a furniture factory.I was 33 weeks along.I was in the bathroom and water just started running down my legs. I had no control of it .It was still dripping down my legs when my boyfriends sister got there to pick me up 20 min later. My daughter was born about 30 min after I got to the hospital.She weighed 4lbs.12oz. It was pretty scary and happened really fast.

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