Where can i find cute and inexpensive clothes?

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Hey, I don't know where you are, but check a thift store. They have great stuff. You may be able to locate some designer wear. Mix and match your out fits to create your own sense of style. This is what fashion is truly about. Good Luck!

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I shop at good will, Kmart, and value city, wal mart and in the malls you can find clearence stuff!

Stores with cute clothes on a budget?

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um here in alaska i go to wal-mart or vaule u village my fam isnt exactaly rich we mostly go to those two stores but somtimes we go to fred myers. but idk

Where to buy cute clothes?
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I always seem to find cute, inexpensive clothing. Do you know of any Body Shop or Lola (G&G Rave) stores? They're cute and cheap. Rave always has some kind of sale going. Rugged Outwear has cute stuff, too. Girl, and don't EVER underestimate those dollar stores. I'm serious. Dollar general, Dollar tree, Super ten. Girl they got some cute stuff. And It's fashion, Catos, Walmart.. Those are good

Where can I get super cute clothes for cheap?

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Also, you might not want to hear this, but Goodwill has some really cute clothes sometimes. Amazingly there are a lot of people that shop there. Shopping there doesn't mean you are poor, it just means you can be creative. Most people just donate clothes when they are tired of them. They have name brand clothing, you just have to look. All the clothes are clean and hung on hangers..but I would still suggest washing them again when you get home. Hope this helps some. :)

cute, cheap summer clothes!
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These sites give you a variety of prices - you might search by brand name:






Good luck !!

What are some good websites with cute clothes for girls?

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try aeropostales clearence!! I got there ALOT..One time I got the friends and family deal there, and I bought eight shirts/pants/etc. for just $23.00!!!

I need a cute online clothing store
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rue 21 .. vanity.

Where can I get cute and cheap clothes?

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hot topic.

Cute clothes
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old navy if u mix it with other things u most likley have in ur closet

Does anyone have suggestions where to get cute and unique clothes without labels everywhere and that are kinda cheap?
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im not sure if there is one by you but try platoes closet they have stuff like abercrombie, hollister, pacsun, american eagle...I don't know I juust usuak\lly get my stuff from the mall

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online will always do it...and if you have a rue 21 or a deb near you...their clearance racks always have sooo much on them, with way cute clothes

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forever 21!!!

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hey ever try tj-maxx...they have roxy, polo ralph lauren, any cute brands are always there but it is a hit or miss store.

even if you get jeans at walmart you can make them your "own" add clorox for a lil discoloration or try sanding the knees for a ripped look! totally in!

there is some thrift stores that have really expensive used clothes...such as abercrombie, hollister, pacsun, american eagle, even purses coach and what not...

hope this helps even try ebay lol


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kohls or jc penny!

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forever 21

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Many stores have a clearance rack and their clothes are pretty cute; however, there are limited sizes. Some stores only have their "small" or "extra small" size on the racks, which is a disadvantage. However, if you can fit, the clothes are pretty cheap. Other stores like forever 21 and charlotte russe have cute clothes that aren't too pricey either, and they come in a wide variety of sizes. (:

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Kohls, Fover 21, and Charlette Russe

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Try this website [link removed] it has a list of several stores online that have inexpensive clothes. I have found several cute items from many of these stores. Enjoy!

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