When would it be okay to take to take the BCP that I missed?

I missed a Birth Control Pill last night. I take them at nine every night. Last night I crashed and totally forgot. Would it be okay to take both of them tonight at nine?

Answer #1

Yes, you do take both pills at the same time. It does make up for forgetting to take it. Never completely skip a pill.

Answer #2

The rule with Birth Control Pills is if you iss one then take it as soon as you realize you forgot to take it. Then take your next one at the regular time.

As in, if you haven’t already, take one now. Then take another at 9.

Hope this helps.

Answer #3

I personally wouldn’t, just take the one, taking both won’t make up for you forgetting. I wouldn’t have sex for a few days either, let your body get back on track with your pills just to be safe.

Answer #4

Rather take the missing pill as soon as you remember and then continue taking the remainder at nine every night.

General rule with birth control pills:

Skipped one pill - take one as soon as you remember, the chances that you will ovulate is very small Skipped two pills - Take two as soon as you remember and use extra protection I.e. condoms for the next 2 weeks Skipped 3 pills - You need to throw away your pack and start a new one, the best thing with this will be to contact your doctor/registered nurse to find out how to proceed

Answer #5

However, realize that your protection MAY be somewhat reduced. Not a lot, but if a pregnancy would be catastrophic, consider using condoms for the remainder of this pill pack. Good Luck!!

PS. IF the missed pill was one of the last seven pills of a 28 pill pack (usually they are a different color) do not worry at all as the last 7 pills are sugar pills; in the pack simply to keep you on a daily habit.

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