What happens if I miss taking a pill?

what happens if I didnt take the pill on the wednesday I should have and took it on the thursday??

Answer #1

also try not to have sex for at least a weekn unless you use other protection. when you miss the pill it takes a few days for the body to work properly again with it

Answer #2

It should say on the leaflet in the packet what to do if you miss one. The idea of the pill is to keep your hormone levels steady (depending which preparation you’re on) at an amount that stops ovulation. If you miss one, and then take it the next day (along with the one you’re supposed to take the next day) it can cause a surge in hormones which may be enough to trigger ovulation… Ask your doctor or pharmacist. It also depends whether you’re taking the combined or progestergen-only pill.

Answer #3

If you miss 1 pill you are supposed to take 2 the next day.

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