What should my baby drink while I'm at work?

I will be starting work in September when my son will be 3 months old. Unfortunately, I cannot extend my maternity leave. He needs to get used to other feed, while I’m at work from 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. I tried 1 diluted feed of Lactogen last month to see how he reacts & he vomitted the whole day. I was told that Nan 1 is close to breast milk & tried 1 feed of that on 1 August, he vomitted the whole day again. Tried 60 ml cow’s milk yest on the advice of my doctor (40ml milk : 20 ml water), he vomitted again. I will be expressing milk, but that will be enough for 1 or maybe 2 feeds. Please advice me what to do. I appreciate all help.

Answer #1

Breast milk or baby formula plus cooled boiled water. See your child health visitor for advice on weaning when your baby is 6 months.

Hopefully you have an experienced child minder for you baby. She will be used to feeding babies and you should have a chat with her.

Infant formula is the only alternative to breast milk. Cow’s milk is not suitable as a main drink in the first year.

It is recommended that you breastfeed your baby for the first six months of their life, after which they will start to need more than just milk. This is the time to begin gradually introducing non-milk foods, a process called ‘weaning’. Some babies adapt to solids early, some later.

Answer #2

If he reacts to specialized baby food then perhaps you should ask a doctor, or visit a website that specializes in baby food and find which one he might be best with. Babies are very fragile so there may be some foods that he may not accept because his body hasn’t quite gotten used to it. Best thing would to be ask your doctor since they have a larger knowledge and understanding on how to handle the baby feeding situations.

Sorry I couldn’t have been better help.

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