When should i call my soon to be girlfriend babe?

Me and this girl go to different high schools and are going to meet next weekend. We have been txting and calling eachother for almost a month now and im wondering if its too early to call her babe or should I wait untill after we meet. She says after we meet in person she wants to be my girl friend

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u shud kal her babe the next chance you get ull make her fell really gud.
Gurls love 2 be kalled babe,ma or n.e name like that it duznt just have 2 b babe..
but yea you shud get on that asap lol!!!
I hope I helped!!

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You could start calling her any cute nickname you want. Just dont try and avoid calling her babe. Let it come out naturally. When it comes out at a natural time, you know its the right time. Call her babe when you want to. If she wants to be your girlfriend, im sure she would love the idea of being called babe because thats what couples do. And she wants to be with you.

Just let it happen, dont hold back.

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you should call her babe now if you want...its sweet. just dont over do it

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You can start calling her babe now if you'd like. Haha, I'm almost positive she will see it as a sweet gesture. ;)

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