How do I get my boyfriend to call me babe or baby back?

Ok well my boyfriend and I started going out Friday and I’ve called him baby twice and he never says it back. How do I get him to day it back to me?

Answer #1

Watch TV or a movie together where people have pet names for each other. Mention how cute you think it is, and you would love it if you two had some too. Say you like calling him babe/ baby, so would he mind if that was his and then get him to think of something for you too :)

Answer #2

dont call him babe or baby for awhile, and if he likes being called it, he will miss it. and the way he will get you to keep saying it to him, is by saying it to you =] good luck!

Answer #3

well you can’t MAKE him say it back. and if you’ve been dating for like three days maybe he’s just not ready to say it. give him some time. he might also not be comfortable with saying it yet…

Answer #4

in short, you cant…

you cant make anyone say something they dont want to and have no intention of saying..

he might be yours, but your not his ;)

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