When I masterbate with flow of water will I loose my virginity?

When I masterbate with narrow flow of water will I loose my virginity? When I watch something erotic I feel like doing I never do fingering I only use narrow flow of water which is supplied in pipe will this make me loose virginity?

Answer #1

See when you masterbate wit flow of water, it is another way haivng sexual enjoyment . When the speedy flow of water falls on the tip of VEGINA , the foremost gets excited , and sort of loosign virginity happens . And I think it is years old questions in which modern females like you does not beleive.

Answer #2

There is ONE and ONLY one way of losing your virginity and that is when a PENIS enters your vagina.

If you however mean if it can break your hymen, no. Water isn’t strong enough to break it even if you use water that is flowing etc.

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