When do girls start fingering?

I was just wondering causse my friend fingers herself and shes 15. But I reallh dont want to cause I think its wrong.

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Ok, well honestly, again, this is all opinion, if this is what you want to do, go for it, but if you think it is wrong, then dont do it.. but your not her, and apparently you both do not have the same thoughts, so let her do her, and you do you...good luck hun...


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I started at 7,when I would ride in the shopping cart, it felt good, so I tried it with my finger, and I liked it. see, they say its a healthy thing. its also up to you. I love it. but maybe try it and see what you think. I orgasm from it, and its amazing!!

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I did'nt quite get that. what does your boyfriend use the blanket for? and btw you start fingering urself when your horny girl.

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dont worry, theres nothing wrong with doing it
its very normal
but is up to personal preference and its your decision wheatehr you choose do it or not
girls can start younger...like around 13, or much older...18 or over
its up to them really

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well if you think it's wrong then don't do it...there is no law stating all girls should finger themselves...

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I never did...or do. Dont care for it unless im really turned on and I cant have any action... so my brf uses a blanket. haha.

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You are not obligated to do it so dont if you dont feel comfortable with it.

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Some start young and others don't even do it at all - its your personal choice. If you think its wrong then don't do it. :)

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Sexuality is something for the individual. My sisiter used to blow me at age 6. I licked her too and her friends until they they stsrted menstruatintg and after that they still took turns ( mostly in in 2's or 3's )to penetrate their behinds while I fingered them.When they came they would compare how much juice they had in their fingers and ask me me to suck it off.

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To bonny...
My boyfriend and I cover ourselves with a blanket, then he fingers me is what I ment. Like if were at a park or some house we can get physical in.

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