When ... deos the color of a guys sperm mean he can b infertile??

If a guy has funni lukin sperm but like no other problems does it mean he could be infertile because of that alone? Like a weird kinda clear silvery colour? What could the problem be is it anythin to worri bout?

Answer #1

ya I think so you shod ask him

Answer #2

thnx 4 the advice… this isnt my problem (well kinda ) I am girl lol

Answer #3

LOL…no. if you have no STD, you are fine. If you are really worried…go see a doctor.

Answer #4

I’m not sure how off the semen looks because it’s suposed to be sort of white and clear - like the startch mix you can use for paper mache. I don’t think what this guy has is an indication of infertility, but getting a sperm count test is relatively inexpensive. If he is of age, he could go in to be a sperm donor and potentially get the test for free. That’s really teh only way to tell, other than - well - getting a girl pregnant, but I’m not exactly promoting that test method.

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