What does it mean when a guys balls drop?

What does it mean when some one says "his balls have not dropped" have mine I am 14

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The testicles descend from the lower abdomen into the scrotal sac — but this usually takes place during the last two months before or right after birth, not at puberty.

Sometimes a testicle doesn't move into the scrotum at all or only partially — this is called an undescended testicle. Often an undescended testicle will descend naturally into the scrotum during the first year of life. But if it hasn't descended or been surgically brought down into the scrotum by age two, the amount of sperm that is produced later in life will be reduced.

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Dear qwerty628,
Some males have a difficulty with their testicles not dropping and they stay essentially inside the body. Some men experience one or both that do not drop. You will know if yours have if they are outside the body; you can see them at the base of the penis. When they do not drop there can be some concern. Many men are able to produce sperm even if they haven't dropped. A doctor needs to do regular check ups with a male who testicles have not dropped and they will go over options since there is a concern. It has nothing to do with puberty.
Sue...good luck

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It means your a man and they could drop when your 16 it all just takes time

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says gravity

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if they havent droped your body is not forming rite you might be gay

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