What's a good name for a Zombie story?

Answer #1

Flesh and Blood. Decay. Walking Amoung The Corpses. Bite. Outbreak.

Answer #2

ive just looked over and seen my aliens vs predator game so the best i can think of is humans vs zombies

Answer #3

dying downfall extinction time affliction on whom can you survive? corroding matter bloom of strength earth’s development pollination of attack

Answer #4

Stiches The evil one Hells son Dont look back

Answer #5

“Things to do in Denver when you’re dead”… may have some copyright issues.

“No!… you cannot smell my brain… Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

“A funny thing happened on the way to the Crematorium”

“You’re dead… Now What?… Life still goes on.”

“No promises… but finishing this book may trigger a Zombie Apocalypse… it’s only $4.95… so…”

Answer #6

Fall and rise. The return. Awakening. Decay. Night time is coming. The night awaits.

Answer #7

Brains for breakfast.

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