Good Guy names for love interest in a story?

Hi, I’m writing a story and I need a good guy name for the love interest. The girls name is Rachel.

Answer #1

Gage or Matt or Matthew or Justin Or Dante’

Answer #2

here are a few suggestions: Oliver, Paulo, Steve, Christopher, Charles, Corey, Alex, Miachel, Andrew, Dave, Dean, John.

hope that helped!

Answer #3

My name is Rachel and I’m dating a Cory but I like the name Charles too. Steve is a guys name that is always around me too.

Answer #4

Cory, Adam

Answer #5

The most interesting names are not real names at all, but nicknames with a story behind them.

“Crocodile” Dundee “Indiana” Jones … etc.

Answer #6

All of the good guys I ever knew were named Corey

Answer #7

stan gable jake ryan

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