Whats your favorite sport?

Whts your favorite sports to play mine is soccer and basketball and urs?

Answer #1

soccer- played for 10 years basketball- played for 6 years cheerleading- did it for 4 years and currently dance classes! haha :]

I love them all!

Answer #2

Track, and if it were ever offered at my school –CC–>. I love the long distances. :)

Answer #3

my basketball ( Lebron James, hot sauce)..and soccer too lol…like ( Sparta Prague, Man. United)..my buddy has been playing in Italy for Udinnese Calcio and next season will be playing for Besiktas Istanbul..

Answer #4

Sport? Well, to tell you the truth, I’m not really a sports fan. In fact, I would term myself as being allergic to watching sport. lol. I enjoying playing though. Pool is the sport im most into, if you can define that as a sport. I might be very abnormal but I don’t even watch sport to look at the guys.

Ultimately, I think pool.

Answer #5

motorcycle racing!!! But its expensive.Otherwise probably horse riding.

Answer #6

Softball and volleyball. =p

Answer #7


Answer #8

tennis, swimming, dancing (hip hop/pop)

Answer #9


Answer #10

volleyball and cheerleading.

Answer #11

football and baseball :)

Answer #12

Volleyball all the way baby but I love watching football =)

Answer #13

swimming and cricket !! wow..

Answer #14


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