Whats your favorite sport??

Whats your favorite sport?? I love track and high jump!! 100m is my best!!

Answer #1

Tenis <33

Answer #2

Volleyball,swimming,and lacrosse I want to learn tew surf sumdaii..I feel left out like half of mii frends no how … >_<

Answer #3

track & soccer & gymnastics & swimming & weight lifting & karate & skateboarding

Answer #4

rugby its a REAL man sport. wayyy better than football!

Answer #5

tennis hip hop soccer dance

Answer #6

Diving…it’s totally awesome!

Answer #7

I love Karate. I’m a Kempo kid. :) I love all sports though! The feeling of doing something healthy and fun is what I love most. My other favorites are Volleyball, Basketball, Running, Baseball, and Soccer. The only sport I dislike is football. =P

Answer #8

Football is the SPORT of all Sports. Its easy to play the rules are simple. The feeling when you win a game is amazing. You get to knock down people in any postion except quarterback. cant wait for this weekends season to finally begin.. Go COWBOYS

Answer #9

Lacrosse! It’s a great mix of endurance, skill, and it’s always fun to watch someone get totally gutted by a defender with a long pole!!

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