What's your favourite kind of Gatorade?

Answer #1

I like orange and purple :D

Answer #2

I like the fruit punch and the orange, I haven’t tried the purple yet, cause that’s my favorite color =D <3

Answer #3

Fruit punch and orange are my favorite too!!!! :D

Answer #4

Aw cool =D

Answer #5

Haha purple is favorite color too :D

Answer #6

Bluee Or Redd.

Answer #7

the blue kind :)))))

Answer #8

Orange is always good.

Answer #9

Grape :D

Answer #10

I like purple, well cause it’s purple. ♥

Answer #11

Orange all the way. I actually went about a month and a half drinking only Orange Gatorade, like i was OBSSESED!!!!

Answer #12

Haha same here

Answer #13


Answer #14

red and yellow!

Answer #15

I loved the orange :) but then I stoped with gatorade and switched to vitamin water :O

Answer #16

Red and Blue

Answer #17

I don’t have any strong preference. Orange, lemon-lime, punch, and most of the flavors I tried are ok but nothing I’d go out of my way to drink.

One I absolutely hated was Fierce Melon Gatorade. I accidentally bought a bottle of this thinking it was orange. Not only couldn’t I drink it but I ran for a drinking fountain to rinse the after-taste out of my mouth.

My daughter tried and loved it and ended up drinking the whole bottle so your mileage may vary.

Answer #18

gatorade is one of my favorite drinks.i like them all but i only really drink the purple rain kind because the other flavors make me feel sick after i drink them.

Answer #19

gotta go with purple or grape whatever its called

Answer #20

I like the classic flavors the best - and out of those the orange flavor is my favorite :)

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