Whats the latest you've ever slept in?

Hm, I dont know why I’m asking this, but whats the latest you’ve ever slept in? If there’s a good story behind it, tell! For me I went to bed at 6 a.m. b/c I snuck out to a party and I was too drunk to tell the driver the right directions, and I slept in until 5 p.m.. So what’s the latest you’ve ever slept in?

Answer #1

I slept through an entire day once as well, waking up ~36 hours later. I had drunk so much I probably should have gone to the emergency room. …the stupid things kids do.

Answer #2

I’ve stayed up till 5:45am kuz I was like on da computer LOL but next day I woke up like at 3:00 and people taught I was like dead or something LOL then I got in trouble kuz it was like a day before.school started hahaha but on da weekends I stay up till 3:00 no longer than that.

Answer #3

I stay awake every friday, I go to bed like 2 or 3 pm, when I was younger I used to spend a lot of time w/ my friends I didn’t sleep 3/4 days(I don’t do that anymore) lol.

Answer #4

I don’t know why but I cant realy sleep past 10:00 in the morning if I do I tend to get a big headack :( lol

Answer #5

When I was still living up in Michigan and was working for Meijer’s I worked 3 shifts morning, afternoons and midnights 40hrs per week. and my days off were together. The longest I slept was a day and half

Answer #6

till 4

Answer #7

I played FF8 for 16 hours straight, until I finished it. Then I slept for 16 hours straight. It was actually getting dark when I woke up… during finals week. I had such a firm grasp on my priorities… good times…

Answer #8

I slept for 2 days once, after staying up for a week straight (for a $200 dollar bet). I may have woke up tp use the bathroom, or munch on something, but I don’t remember doing so.

There was another time, when I was younger that I slept for 72 hours, but that was vicodin induced. I was 17, and my kitchen caught fire and grease(which was on fire) splashed on my bare foot. I took 4 or 5 vicodin, never having taken any before. I did it because at that age I was experimenting with different drugs and such. I woke up 3 days later very confused.

Again, I may have gotten up to pee, since my bed was dry, but I have NO recollection of it if I did.

Answer #9

one time I went to sleep really early at llike 8 which I never do and I ended up sleeping until …7 at night the next day. and I was so confused. I woke up and it was dark out and I figured that I just woke up at night but then I found out I wasted a whole day sleeping. it was weird.

Answer #10

with or without the help of drugs? without I think maybe 6 or 7pm with, well I’ve slept for 2/3 days…

Answer #11

oh wow^^^ thats intense!

Answer #12

once I have splet until 7 pm!

Answer #13


Answer #14

I’ve stayed up for like 3.5 days before. I slept like 15 hrs lol

Answer #15

I slept until 6:30 once cause I had scarlet fever.

Answer #16

I’ve slept for about 24 hrs once literally I was like 4 and as far as im concerned I doubt thats healthy…

Answer #17

likee 1 in the afternoon. get in trouble for sleeping inn

Answer #18

Even when I stopped doing drugs, and was perfectly healthy, I was fully capable of sleeping for 12 - 16 hours,lol

Not since I’ve been back from Iraq though, haven’t slept for more than 3 or 4 hours straight…really annoying not being able to get at least 4 hours undisturbed sleep.

Answer #19

only 2 in the afternoon

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