Whats the fastest way to learn a Toe-touch and Pike???

whats is the fastest way to learn how to do a toe-touch or a pike?? they are kinda hard. I dont really know to jump high off of the ground. I am trying out for my high school competitive cheerleading team. I am flexible I can do all 3 splits, a herkie, cartwheel, and roundoff. but I cant seem to get my toetouch and pike mastered. can you help me. ~Jenna~ please- dont tell me to join classes. thats not really helping. I need advice. thank you!

Answer #1

Jump off a small wall and do them. To get the idea of a toe-touch bend over and touch your toes and then try juming up and touching your toes then finally keep trying it off a small wall. Try not to hurt yourself.

Answer #2

DON’T try and touch your toes, that’s not what a toe touch is. you could sit in a toe touch position on the floor, and put books/pillows under one foot, then lean forward and try and get your chest to the ground. do this for both sides, then again for a bit longer. this will overstretch your toe touch position, and will help get your legs up when jumping. Also, DO NOT lean forward, look up at all times. Pike, tbh, just keep doing it! pikes are quite hard, just use your leg power and bring your feet to you, DO NOT lean over, keep your chest up & face up.

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