What can I use on salads as dressing that is low in calories and low in fat?

Im tired of using ranch but id like to have some sort of dressing on my salad that’s healthy

Answer #1

Any lite salad dressing, I like french, ranch, thousand island and sometimes miracle whip

Answer #2

Really don’t like the flavor of light dressings and I dislike how 2tnsp is 45calories. Im quite generous when it comes to my salads.

Answer #3

Sorry cudnt b of more help

Answer #4

thank you anyways i apperciate you at least trying :3

Answer #5

Np most welcome

Answer #6

Water!!!!! Yay!!! No Calories!!

Answer #7

Im gonna give you a short list of some things you can do : -Get vinegrette dressings, they are healthier. -Squeeze a lemon over the salad, maybe squeeze a bit of orange too. :) -When you make the salad add olive oil, not too much though. Then cook bacon, cut up the bacon and put it in the salad. Then add the bacon grease into the salad. Sounds like it could be unhealthy but its protein enriched and tastes delicous, and it isnt a really ‘light’ salad as I have just read your not too crazy about. I know it sounds wierd and unhealthy but it IS good for you and its extremley delicious. Add fruit to your liking, if you prefer. -Make your own honey mustard dressing. Recipes can be found in cookbooks and online. You can adjust it to your liking and make it as healthy as you want :) -Instead of a dressing, add in some sliced pears, cranberries, avacados, necterines, and other fruits along with some crushed pecans. This way you can have a bite of salad with fruit. To make this even better I reccomend having the lemon juice over it :) Good luck let me know if this helps!

Answer #8

Nice answer

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Answer #10

this is extremely helpful thank you :3

Answer #11

Your very welcome :)

Answer #12

Whip up some seasoning in plain fat-free yogurt or sour cream.

Answer #13

Throw a peeled orange and a handful of raw cashew pieces into the blender - voila!

One of my favorite salads is chunks of cucumber and tomato (roughly equal amounts), avocado (less), and scallions. Liberally sprinkle some cumin powder on top, and toss in a small amount of tamari - no other dressing needed.

Answer #14

I forgot to mention the optional fresh cilantro or watercress for that salad.

Answer #15

Lemon Juice Is really good.

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