What are some very low calorie foods?

I’m looking for some foods that are very very low calorie and low fat but also taste good. Any suggestions?

Answer #1

any DARK green veggies like broccoli, kale, and spinnage. Most friuts are also low in calories but they are never as healthy as veggies are. You could try tofu. or make your own baked french fries.

Answer #2

Fresh Jerusalem Artichokes, if you can find them, have virtually no calories if eaten raw. The type of starch that they are made of is not processed by our bodies. If they are cooked, the starch can convert to a form that is processed.

Potatoes are good, but the butters and sauces are calorie rich. Baked sweet potato is good when cooled and eaten plain.

Answer #3

pretzals, quaker rice snacks, trail mix, baked chicken, baked fish, salad with salad spritzers, fruits, celery, steamed vegtables look up healthy foods on a cooking website

Answer #4

Rice cakes, and POPPED popcorn, [AIR POPPED] it is healthy, and quite delicioso. :]

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