Whats the name of a pink pill with 25 on one side and a "v" on the other side, its sort of in an oval like shape?

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oh.. thats niiice

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Isw that what it is?! Bahaha!

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No, its not viagra. Its a benzo...similar to xanex.

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sorry, i dont know why it posted twice?

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Xanex is prescribed for people with anxiety or depression in some cases, they are often abused by people to get a "high" from but can be dangerous and alot of overdoses are caused by benzos.

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There is more than one pill that fits that description, like some types of endocet and even the viva body pill.

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Yeah there are many pills that fit that description. Clonodine. I have had every form of Xanax and yes the .5 mg were pink but didn't have a 25 on them or a V.

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No. Viagra is also called the little BLUE pill.

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The only "v" pills I know of are vicodin... but all the ones I've ever seen were white.

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I believe I have identified your pill as Diphenhydramine HCL (25 mg).

It is mainly used to treat allergies, insomnia, motion sickness, and even used as a sleep aid.

These pills can be bought without a prescription at any pharmacy, such as:

* Walmart
* Target
* Rite Aid
* Walgreens
* Supermarket pharmacies

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