why does it look like one side of my ribs sticks out more then the other?

i just noticed my left side protrudes out a lot more then my right side of my rib cage? weird?

Answer #1

Mine does too :O I thought it was cause my horse kicked me there lol.

Answer #2

well since i dnt have a horse and one didnt kick me there i dont think thats my reason haha

Answer #3

LOL. Maybe everyone’s ribs are like that? :s I don’t know lol.

Answer #4

has it always been like that or have you just noticed? i have the same thing except for the fact that both of my lower ribs stick out and neither of them is worse than the other. they both are pretty noticeable. especially when i lie down, they stick out a lot and it makes it look like my stomach is caved in. i asked my doctor about it and he said i could get surgery on it but i decided that an expensive surgery was definitely not worth it, haha. idk… you can see a chiropractic to see if everything is fine.

Answer #5

No ones body is totally the same when left side is compared to right side. No ones! So… Most likely you have just noticed something that has probably been there all along. I can just about guarantee you that few - if any - people will notice it unless you point it out or make it obvious. Case in point… I have known someone most all their lives, and it wasn’t until they told me, that I saw that one ear is 3/4 inch lower than the other. If it concerns you, just tell your family doctor the next time you visit. Good Luck!!

Answer #6

Most people are bigger on the one side than the other and in some people it is more pronounced. Most women also have one breast larger than the other. People’s hands differ and one is bigger than the other. It’s not strange at all.

Answer #7

Deformities of the spinal cord also result in ribs on one side protruding more than the other. Such conditions could occer due to bad postural habits, scoliosis, etc.. You might consider consulting your doctor if the problem is severe. Otherwise, mild deformities are common and need not be taken seriously, I think.

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