Whats the normal bra cup size for a 14 year old girl ?

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anything between 32A-DD
nothing is "normal" per se
but i would guess the average is between 34A-34B

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it really depends on the girl
i know 14 year olds any where from A32 - D36

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Well im 13, and i have a 34B so i dont really think theres a 'normal' size, i guess it just depends on the girl.

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so am i ;D were matching

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bra size doesnt have an age everybody is different some girls my age have c cups some are as and some are even over ds i know grown women in there 30s who onky have as

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when i was 14 i didnt even have boobs lol. but i think it depends on your bodys growth levels.

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it all depends on how tall you are and how much u weigh and stuf like that. im 14 to :) and im 5'4 and i weigh 134lbs and my cup size is a 32C, but im big for my age so dont really worry about how big you are.

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I think it would depend on your genes, right ? I know people that are DD that are like 13, then theres 14 year olds with lik 32A's. There is no appropriate size i guess. xD

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mine is a b36 i guess that is normal

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you don't even have now..

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im 14, and a 12B

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im 14 and i'm a 34D. Most of my friends are between a B and a C. So guess between a A and C.

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