Is a size 34a a good bra size for a 14 year old girl ?

I am just wondering cause well I have small boobs :(
and I was wondering if they will grow bigger ??
and if there is any way I could make them bigger ?
thanks ;)

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hey im just like you!!! heheeh. im 14 and wear a 34a bra to a 36a bra. I mean im growing now so I fit into a 36a while my 34a bras fit like a push up because my boobs kinda pop out now. but yea, 34a is a good bra size for a 14 year old. we are still growing. just eat healthy and get good exercise. hope this helped

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Your boobs are a little small. If you want, and can, suck around the nipple evryday. After about a week, you should be able to wear a bigger bra.

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I was in your shoes about 25 years ago...although I am now bigger than that (but not much), I'm happy. When my C-cup and bigger friends are sagging, gravity is kinder to small breasts. I know at 14 it's hard to think that far ahead, but it's true...eventually, gravity catches up to all of us.

There is no sure way, short of surgery, to change breast size...and that has it's drawbacks, too...implants leaking, scarring that causes pain, not to mention the risks of anesthesia and surgery. And you haven't even come close to finishing growing, so it's way to early to even TALK about that.

And there are many beautiful women out there with small breasts...Kelly Ripa, Kate Hudson...boob jobs are starting to fall out of style. If you end up being on the smaller size, be proud, and make the most of not always having to wear a bra...believe me, over the years, you come to hate them.

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Definitely do not sleep with a bra on - it increases your risk of breast cancer. You have a good five, possibly ten, more years of growing on your boobs so don't worry they're not done yet.

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34a is considered on the small side but you are only 14 and you are no where near done with your breast just be patient...they will grow some more

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Hi,my first bra was a 34a.I was 14 now I am 16 and my size is 34d.Dont worry,they will grow

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