Normal for a 15 year old girl to have 40d size breasts?

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OMG! WoW! what im trying to say is you want to be friends?

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my friend who's 14 is a 34E and still getting bigger :S
im only a 32 b/c though

What's the normal cup size for a 15 year old ?
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I'm not sure.
my sister is like 40B.
&& my mom is a smaller C.
maybe it's from my dads side of the family.


whats the normal bra cup size for a 14 year old girl ?
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omg I wish I was that size!
im like 34B unfortunately
I have seen 14 year olds with that size
no worries!

Is my breast size 34a normal for a 13 year old?
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Well, I'm like tall though.
I'm 5'8" so it doesn't exactly look weird.
I was just wondering(:


what is the attractive breast size which every girl dreams?
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we all grow at different rates you however are just growing faster than the rest of us.
Or it can be genetics.
just remember it's normal.

What breast cup size is average for 15/16 year old's?
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Well as long as it suits your body
luckyy! youll never have 2 get implants lmao!

What bra size do you wear? (For 20 years old girls)
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lol yep I'm almost 16 and have been on the verge for a while now

is a size 34A a good bra size for a 14 year old girl ?
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your drinking too much milk haha either that or its genetics

(I heard the milk thing from a friend. I have no idea if its true or not haha)

Average breast size?
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I hope so I'm turning 15 in like a couple months and I already have D's almost DD'S

normal boob size
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All boobs are different. Theres no right size.

Im 38 D and my friend is 40 DD and we're both 16

girls only ways to make my breast grow faster?
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haha yes. my friend was 13 with that size

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Damn!!!Thats Bigger Than Mine
lol Maybe But Wont It Look

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