whats the best way to quite cigaretts?

Answer #1

I have alot of friends and family who have quit by using the electronic ciggarettes and had great success with it. Other than that you can go cold turkey and chew gum, hard candies, or put a toothhpick in your mouth when your craving. You can try the patches or gums. Hypnotism or accupuncture have also claimed to work too.

Answer #2

There is no “best” way…it’s different for everyone. For me, all I have to do is stop cold turkey…it doesn’t bother me, I don’t have any withdrawal symptoms like headaches or anything….but others find it much more complicated to quit. I suggest trying different known methods of quitting cigarettes (like the ones mandyloo listed), and see which one works for you.

Answer #3

My boyfriends mom was a smoker, and we really wanted her to quit because her husband had just gotten cancer. So we took her with us to Hawaii, and we kept her doing things the whole time so she wouldn’t smoke. She was so distracted, and felt so good by the time we got back, she hasn’t smoked a single one yet :)

Answer #4

I have to agree, everyone finds their own ways to deal with smoking…some can quit cold turkey (i have also many times even when i smoked over a pack a day) withdrawals, I think is a small price to pay…so you get a little p!ssed off here & there & get a little moody here & there…but if you get other symptoms like the shakes & others then is when you need help!

Some methods provide temp relief as well like as stated above by mandyloo…all sorts of nicotine patches & acupuncture and all sorts of meditation…

Keeping busy is also another way because it is keeping your mind occupied on something else!

Also it depends on the situation as to why you began in the first place… if you did it years ago because you just wanted to look cool or because it helped calm you down as a stress reliever… when you do it because your simply bored or p!ssed off eventually it is much easier to stop…why?! Because you know deep down under that it is not really relieving that boredom & relieving your stress…so you look for other ways to do that….i think the cool stage left the building after high school or college?! So…with that said finding hobbies to occupy your time, a perfect way to get also over the cravings…just hit the nearest cafe that does allow sections to smoke in…one wiff of that once you have quit & your really done with it. why? Just something you wind up resenting until the next midlife crisis…or something big happens! It happened to me after not touching it for 8 whole years then bam my ex’s infidelity…i was so hurt, so upset & so frustrated with so much anxiety….i was like ok, nothing good to drink atm…not into dr*gs…(nope nev weed either!) next best thing at 3am I went out to the nearest 24/h store…bam a pack of ciggi’s! went from smoking 5 a day to 10…then to a pack…then to a pack & a half…to none…cold turkey again. since November 2010…i may have had 3 ciggis from a pack & a half a day! I literally gave away a carton or 2 of ciggi’s to my doorman before i moved! Where there is a will there is a way…you just have to really want to do something for it to really work!

hope that helped!

Answer #5

i meant Nov 2009! (a little fuzzy atm):P

Answer #6

decide you are quitting and don’t smoke, ban people from smoking in your home or car . I am a 49 year old who decided it was over more than 7 years ago and tossed a carton to the trash and haven’t looked back. after 8 weeks couldn’t even stand the smell of them,( like when your walking into a store and the employees have been standing right in front of the door). It makes me sick to smell it. I don’t condemn anyone who does BUT how can anyone afford to smoke and eat too at the cost of a pack these days.

Answer #7

My boyfriend bought the electronic cigarettes for some of his friends and it worked for all of them. He’s used it too, but doesn’t have it anymore, so now he chews the gum and it seems to be working.. :)

Answer #8

eat that gum that helps you quit or put those patches on your back that help :)

Answer #9

lol,,,i just read ur response and wondered typo or did she find a new way to make time pass? rolling I lost my husband a few years back and never had the urge to go back, now I have an addiction to this darned computer but it won’t kill me (or maybe it will) ;)

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