Whats can get ink out of jeans?

My sister got ink on her new jeans and we can figure out how to clean it


Answer #1

The best thing is alcohol. Regular rubbing alcohol like people use for medicine. Put a wad of cloth (something you don’t mind getting inky, like a worn out washcloth) behind the stain- inside the jeans. Pour alcohol onto the stain and press on the inky area so that the alcohol runs through the stain and onto the rag underneath. You can tap on the stain and push on it but don’t RUB it. That tends to just make the stain spread out. Keep pouring a bit more alcohol on it, tapping it and moving the rag around to a clean area until the ink is out. Disclaimer: This won’t work if the jeans have already been through the dryer. That sets the stain in and it probably will never come out. You can also try a product called “Carbona Stain Devil”. They have a targeted ink formula that works very well and will often get out even permanent ink stains.

Answer #2

hairspary but not nail poilsish remover because that turn your jean completly white almost like bleech

Answer #3

Spray some hairspray on the stain, rub it really good then rinse.

Answer #4


or nail polish removerrr

Answer #5

Use vanish powder to get off ink.

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