How can i get hair dye out of jeans?

I was dying my friends hair last night and wen i was finished, she pointed out a blob of dye on my jeans. i washed it a little with shampoo straight away, but it must’ve gotten on it wen i started doing her hair, so it was on there for a while… Does anyone know any tricks or something for getting hair dye out of jeans??

Answer #1

You could try perm solution. The only way to get it out is to soak it with hairspray when it’s still wet (like a few seconds after it got on the jeans) hairspray stops the oxidation process. The dye on your jeans has already oxidized and stained. You probably won’t be able to get it out. But as I said, you could try perm solution. Oh or nail polish remover. But it probably won’t work very well.

Answer #2

if its permanent hair dye you cant get it out.

Answer #3

the problem with nail polish remover is that it will likely take out the colour of your jeans as well!

Answer #4

lol I did the exact same thing and it was black hair dye.. I used hot water (boiled) and washing powder, it seemed to work on mine (: gooluck x

Answer #5

Oh really? I didn’t know that! Haha thanks for the clarification.

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