What's the best way to reheat a steak?

It was cooked very well done on the barbeque and I’ve used a microwave before but I was terribly disappointed.

Answer #1

I use the stove at a low heat, or the grill on low heat

Answer #2

Place it on a heat-proof plate, cover it with plastic wrap, then aluminium foil. Turn the oven on to about 200 F and let it heat up slowly for 30 minutes to an hour - depending on the thickness of your steak…this will keep it juicy without overcooking it.

Answer #3

wrap in foil and put in oven on a low temp. the foil will keep it moist.

Answer #4

You can heat it up in a microwave for about 3 mins.

Answer #5

Is plastic wrap OK in an oven?

Answer #6

Tastes nasty that way…I’ve tried, trust me, gets all dried out and gross, especially when it’s been over-grilled.

Answer #7

Yes, as long as it’s a low temperature - I wouldn’t go above 200, but we use this method in the restaurants to re-heat a lot of foods, and the plastic is fine in those big convection ovens…I’ve done this at home with my regular oven as well.

Answer #8

Oh, and the foil keeps it from getting too hot as well…heat disbursement and all

Answer #9

I must come round your house for dinner sometime, Colleen. :)

Answer #10

I don’t think that you are meant to reheat meat, it apparently goes off…

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