Whats a wigie board and are they fun party toys?

Whats a wigie board and are they fun party toys?

Answer #1

They are definetly not ‘fun party toys’ they could let demons/spirits come into your life. I do belive that they are real if you use them correctly. I wouldnt give advice as to using one, unless you want to be haunted by evil spirits. you have no idea who or what you might contact.

Answer #2

in my opinion, ouija boards are fake. I’ve used several, even in a haunted cemetery, where I actually experienced ghostly things. if they’re so dangerous, why do they sell them in the board game section at Toys ‘R Us? they’re fake. they’re fun to use with friends because someone ends up moving it and everyone else gets freaked out.

Answer #3

you mean an ouija board and no, its not a fun board game you and your little friends should play with at a party you never know who the dead person you contact will be or what there intentions are either

Answer #4

I think you mean ouji board, they arent toys! xP

Answer #5

They are creepy game boards used to connect with lost spirits who tell you things that mess up your life. They are unsafe!

Answer #6

Lol do you mean a ouija board? =S

Answer #7

Well, I don’t know about wigie boards, but believe me from personal experience, wedgie boards are definitely not fun party toys.

Answer #8

They’re definitely NOT toys! They can let evil spirits into your house and screw a lot of things up! It’s dark magic, not a party game!

Answer #9

why toadaly what happend? whats your experience?

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