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should you not speak your mind or quote from the many books if it means some choose to take offense at your own style albeit not preaching? Is preaching a dirty word for a Religion and Spirituality category? WWJD? Where does one go to answer the questions posed about ones beliefs if not in the appropriate category? Why the confusion?

Answer #1

Go ahead and preach… but just as you have the right to preach, others have the right to disagree, where else should they go but to express their religious/spiritual beliefs? Or perhaps you just like saying things, you dont actually like anyone who says anything different? Sorry, that’s not what the site is for…

Answer #2

Quoting from a book at appropriate times is fine, but quoting from it all the time, particularly when the quote has little to do with the topic…well that comes across as preaching.

Answer #3

Stating what YOU believe when answering a question is perfectly legit in the Religion & Spirtuality Catagory…it’s when people become insistant (and insulting)that THEY are right, and others are wrong that it gets sticky…That includes both believers and non-believers.

Respect is the key…dialogue is good, but if it stoops to name calling and insults, the discussion will be closed.


Answer #4

Phrannie is right.

starting your question with I BELIEVE won’t sound like preaching and bashing others. the problem comes in when you try and force your beliefs down other’s throats.

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