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What you think of this poem I wrote for Groom from Wife??

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The way we met you and I, it must of been by fate, for the way we feel for each other, Love could never be this great I never thought I could Love like this, for the love I feel is strong, being with you feels so surreal, we truly get along, you have really made my dreams come true, you have made them come alive, till eternity I will be with you, Im so happy you are mine, I will promise just one thing to you, That I will make you happy too & together we will share those dreams, We will make them all come true, My sweet memories, My darling Steve, how I truly Love you so, This Poem is only just for you & I want all the World to know, today's our day, our Wedding day, a day I wont forget, for I got to be a Princess and my Prince I finally met, for you & your loving family, have just fulfilled my life, & forever I will cherish you, With love your brand new wife :-)