What do you think? I wrote a poem!

I made up a poem, tell me what you think:

Willow tree, willow tree why are you so sad? She is no longer sitting on your branches or hanging from your rope. Willow Tree, Willow Tree, you’ve always been my friend, You’ll be there for me now just as you were then. Young, adventurous, and smart too, weeping, yet beautiful, Just like you. Willow Tree, Willow tree, I’ll bet that she is happy, Hanging from a branch just like yours, in heaven. Willow Tree, Willow Tree, please do not mope! Willow Tree, Willow Tree, please gain some hope.

Answer #1

thats real good. xx

Answer #2

love it read my poem

Answer #3

awww thats so cute!! good job! x

Answer #4

It sounds really good, and it sounds like it can be really used as a song if you think about it.

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