What would happen if you mix these and drink them?

What would happen if you mixed a table spoon of rubbing alcohol into a water bottle filled of rasberry lemonade crystal light? [I say that drink because thats what I usually like to drink but it could be anything]

Answer #1

Um there’s a reason on the bottle it has the number to poison control center on it

Answer #2

Mike is correct!

But, ‘YOU’ call the poison hot line (it should be a toll free number) and let them explain how deadly your idea is.

Answer #3

If your rubbing alcohol is pure ethanol, nothing will happen to you in small doses that wouldn’t happen with any strong-proof alcoholic spirit. Pure rubbing alcohol and the alcohol in, say, wine or tequila is identical.

Most rubbing alcohol, however, has been denatured (had additives purposefully added to it to render it undrinkable), often with methanol. Methanol is highly toxic and in amounts as small as 50-100ml, can cause permanentness blindness, coma, or death. So even a tablespoon would be very dangerous to consume.

And then there’s isopropyl alcohol, which many people use interchangeably with rubbing alcohol, but is a different animal altogether.

Answer #4

Poison control center: 1-800-222-1222

Call and ask. They will tell you how dangerous and potentially toxic your idea is.

Answer #5

dont drink it…

I use rubbing alcohol to clean goop of cpus…

not gd for inside the body :)

Answer #6

drinking rubbing alcohol is absolutely TERRIBLE for you. if your gonna be drinking at least get a legitimate form of alcohol.

Answer #7

you drink rubbing alcohol? do you even understand how horrible that is for you? haha jeez im shocked your not blind or something yet. but yes I personally mix crystal light in vodka at times.

Answer #8

so bad for you, it can cause serious damage, its not meant to be ingested, the directions say avoid contact with eyes and mouth for a good reason.

the reason they have that number on the bottle is for people like you trying to get drunk. if you cant get any normal alcohol chances are you are probably too young tp be drinking it

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