What mixed drinks can I make?

i like mixing drinks with stuff but i have to do it at like 2 in hte morning cause my parents. what is a couple good ones you can make when all you have is kool-aid,orange juice,cranberry juice, iced tea, pepsi,merlot,vodka,tequilla,rum,triple sec vodka, smirnoff ice

Answer #1

No, I know people who drink alone.. was myself once or twice a long long time ago. It’s called depression haha

But yes those are my recommendations. Don’t know how old you guys are but it’s good that you’re doing it under a somewhat controlled environment. Kinda scary when your parents are home though, isn’t it? And how can they not notice their alcohol missing..?

Answer #2

ohh she dont drink alone her friends come over and sneak into her house (im one of them) with her in hte middle of the night. lol your right i dont think anyone drinks alone we drink with about 3 other people pon average.

Answer #3

Koolaid, orange juice, and iced tea aren’t exactly strong enough to mix with anything. Cranberry juice works well with vodka for the most part. Rum and pepsi or coke go beautifully. Tequila is the strongest of the bunch so I’d say either take shots or nothing, cause you don’t want to mix that with the stuff you’ve listed.

Also, why are you mixing drinks for yourself at 2 am? I can understand if you have friends over, but nobody drinks alone.

Answer #4

its not theirs. my friends brothers friend buys it and we hide it in her house.

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