Give me a Christmas gift idea

I need a christmas gift idea for an elderly woman who won’t leave her room, wears a diaper, has severe alzheimer’s, and swears like a sailor. Seriously I love my mom and I want the best for her, but I am really not sure what to get a woman in her position. Any suggestions?

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her favourite kind of biscuits, a jumper or jacket, a quilt, duna, socks, lacey hanky,a cd with sweet calming music,lollies,a shawl,toenail clippers,nail file,herbal teas,

Answer #2

My grandmother has alzheimer’s and is quite a sour old woman, but she loved the gift my siblings and I gave her. We made a photo album of old pictures of hers, and tried to learn a little about them- we brought her the album and looked through the pictures together, telling her bits about things she has forgotten but still enjoyed to hear about. It was a nice gift, if that doesn’t work then visiting her and just spending time with her if you can would probably be a good gift for her. Good luck!

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Answer #4

Making you girlfriend a 3D photo gallery with iFunia 3D gallery. And one of the best way to share the joy with others is to make a Christmas photo gallery with Christmas photos, music and send it as a gift to your family and friends, or just to remember this day.

This gift will take a bit more effort on your part than most others, but the reaction you receive when she opens it up will be worth it.

Answer #5

How about a good vacation? Since, she is not leaving her room, a new environment will do. Sure you can get her out of the room where she was always have been. Couple of years ago we had a vacation too but my granny has no Alzheimer’s yet she wears diaper too and stuck into her wheelchair. We take her into a the beach (VA Beach and stayed at Sandy Bay Apartments) and that was the happiest gift we were able to give her. It was the bonding moments, the happy and positive memories and of course the time we spent together - it is all priceless.

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