What works better than proactive?

What can I start useing that works better then proactive but is cheeper?

Answer #1

Well, I’m pretty lucky. I’ll be 17 soon and never really have had bad acne problems, but I DO get zits and stuff sometimes. This is my advice to you - First, ignore people who tell you “don’t pop a zit”… you CAN pop your zits. I always pop mine when I get them and I don’t have ANY scars at all, so no worries there. The thing is, once you pop it and the stuff comes out, leave it go. Check the following day and if there’s still stuff, pop again. As for stuff to use on your face… I use Noxzema. It works fine and is a lot cheaper than sh*t like proactive. For blackheads, use Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub. Right on the Blackhead stuff’s bottle it says “Gently exfoliates to lift away dirt and oil”. They are both cheap… here in Ohio the taxes is 7%… and you can get them BOTH for only $10-$12 WITH taxes. Use one… then a few hours later use the other. If you use both, don’t use them directly after eachother to avoid causing any skin irratations. Use one then a few hours later use the other one. You can pick the products up at local stores that sell acne treating stuff. Hope this helps you!

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