Does proactive work?

Does Proactive really work? I have acne, but its mostly blackheads. I’ve heard that proactive is only good for pimples and small breakouts. I’m fourteen so I don’t want something too strong but I need something that works. Any advice? Even if its not proactive, I need something because my quinceanera is coming up and I want my face to look pretty. Please and thank you very much.

Answer #1

hey im 14 to and I had breakouts really bad on my forehead and chin…I started using proactive a few months ago and it works great and you can seriosly see results within like a week or 2 also its not true that it only works for breakouts it helps small bumps on your face blackheads oily skin…its amazing you should get it you won’t regret it

Answer #2

thanks so much!

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