What words can i use to describe lady gaga?

I need to use every letter in the alphabet to describe lady gaga so any help is muuuch appreciated!

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artist, bizzare, conceptual, diva,Eccentric, famous, gregarious, hype, interesting, joyful, kinetic, lusty, marvelous, naughty, obsession, powerful,quintessential, ribald, surreal, tremendous, unique, vixen, wacky, X?, youthful, zany

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A (amazing) B(brilliant) C(creative) D(dancer) E(extraordinary) F(famous) G(gay)
H(human) I(italian) J(joyful) K(?) L(large fan base) M(music) N(noticable fashion)
O(original) P(pop supertstar) Q(?) R(rememberable) S(stefani(her real name)
T (talented) U(unpredictable) V(versatile) W(writer (song) X(?) Y(young) Z(?)

Sorry couldnt think of all of them!! ~ Hope I helped ~

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Funn cool great

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