what will I choose?

im a non catholic and my boyfriend wants me to change my religion to catholic when we get married… since my religion is important to me… do I really need to change my religion?

Answer #1

no you should never change for what you believe in at all!!! if you want to change thats fine but if you dont thats also fine..I dont think you should change it if it means a lot to u!

Answer #2

Don’t change it for anyone. If you do want to consider the consequences, such as not birth control etc etc that many catholics believe in…If he loves you he won’t force this upon you.

Answer #3

No don’t change your religion for anyone. Even if you did for him it wouldn’t be true faith anyway. Some christians have this thing about “unequal yolks” I guess that’s suppose to mean a christian and a non christian can’t make it but that’s bull. If he really loves you he won’t put thoses silly superstitions before you.

Answer #4

If I was you, I wouldn’t let anybody try and dictate my life. Religion is something that’s important to most everybody who is religious, and everyone has their own outlooks and opinions on it . Don’t tolerate it, hun. YOU ultimately have the power to make your own decisions when the time comes, don’t let anyone dictate your life. It’s yours to live, not theirs.

And to Blerggher, Catholicism isn’t one of the worst religions. There is no such thing as a bad religion, and this is even coming from an Athiest point of view. Every religion is based on God, and God is precious in religious peoples’ eyes. You’re demented.

Answer #5

I am infact catholic so just putting in my thoughts… If and when you do decide to marry there is no need for you to change your religion as the catholic church will marry a non catholic to a catholic, you just have to go through higher channels which isnt hard. so marriage is fine as long as he is ok with you not converting to Catholicism but thats for you two to discuss :D

Answer #6

Catholicism is one of the worst religions anyways

Answer #7

dont change your religion because your boyfreind wants you to- change it becacuse you want to. Do not be foreced to do anything in life, especially such a thing as religion as this is oubviusly sacred to you .

Although seen as though you are only 15 you shoudn’t need to worry about this subeject to much. It will be a while before you get married.

Answer #8

If he loved you truely, you wouldn’t have to change you’re religion. Thats stupid.

Answer #9

Religion is very important to a lot of people and no, you shouldn’t have to feel obligated to change your religion.

Answer #10

if he really loved you,you wouldn’t have to change your religion.

Answer #11

Have a nondenominational marriage. If you are Christian you can have a 50/50 wedding. If your non christian, then go for the first option. Its nice to see he is concerned with your faith.

Answer #12

The bible says to not be unequally yoked…

It is hard enough making marriage work when both partners agree on most things, its even harder, when they go into marriage, knowing they are not in agreement.

Just a word of caution… The divorce rate in this country is 1 in 2… in the church and out. That means that a great deal of somethings… are’nt working.

Answer #13

I agree, you don’t have to change your religion

Answer #14

no dont

Answer #15

No I do not feel that you should change if you don’t agree with it. But you do need to decide what you are going to teach your children once you start having them. This can become a horrible argument and actually upset your children, inlaws, parents and yourself. I have been through that. My husband and I are now divorced. I did not think this part through very well. It became a huge issue for us. I raised my children to be Christians but his family is still upset with me and they do not spend time with out children because they believe in Christ. I thought that my inlaws believed in Christ because they celebrate Christmas. They just celebrate the day for commerial reasons not to celebrate His birth. Turns out they believe that we are all God’s and God is inside us. You can do anything you want, no rules. When you die you get reincarnated into a bird or something like that. Many of these people seem to have drug additions, sex additions. My ex’s new motto is “if it feels good, do it”. Unfortunately they do not seem to care if they hurt others. Wow, we have had some battles. I was so naive at my choice for a spouse. I would not do that again. If I do not have the same belief system then I do not need to be married to that person. It was not a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

Answer #16

Just a word of caution… The divorce rate in this country is 1 in 2… in the church and out. That means that a great deal of somethings… are’nt working.

That’s because marriage has totally lost religious significance. It is now just a legal document, that provides tax breaks.

Answer #17

I have been a Catholic my entire life & I truly love my religion. I think that many people quickly judge it because it’s mistaken as strict, harsh, etc. I actually find it very open, forgiving and fulfilling.

I strongly suggest you look into the Catholic faith because it is a wonderful religion, but I don’t think that you should convert to a Catholic just because your boyfriend (or finace.) wants you to.

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