How does God choose?

There have been a few times when I asked God to take my life when I had pain in the past, and he never did it. I first asked him to take it away, but it would only get worse and I didn’t know what else to do because I was not about to kill myself. Why wouldn’t he do it? And why would he have go through the pain that I did, and be merciless?? I don’t understand. If God is supposed to be so good, why would I be let to go through that, even after I asked him to stop it?

Answer #1

I like the idea of having a plan / purpose from God…but come on…ol’ J.J.?? lol

Answer #2

It appears He has a plan / a purpose for your life that hasn’t been fulfilled - we all have ups and downs but He always remains the same/constant - praise Him daily regardless, it makes a huge difference…Take care !!

Answer #3

kingofpop. thank you I’ve been trying to explain that point in Job several times here.

Answer #4

“”This is to toadaly - God does exist , look around all the pretty flowers, if you have ever been to Sedona Arizona you will see His great work there.””

this is not proof of God this is speculation. For one to believe thats God’s work one must believe in God in the first place

Answer #5

This is to toadaly - God does exist , look around all the pretty flowers, if you have ever been to Sedona Arizona you will see His great work there.

How are flowers and Sedona evidence of God’s existence?

Answer #6

Its up to you not God. There is m No God no great plain. You got to get up and find what you want your self. why wait when you have the power to change your life

Answer #7

God has a greater purpose for you. You die when it is your turn, and it wasnt yours. If you feel your life is that bad, go see a counsler and remember no matter your situation there is someone worse off than you.

Answer #8

God isn’t going to put you through something that he knows you can’t handle.

Answer #9

because you are asking for help from a nonexistant god. This is just my opinion dont argue me.

Answer #10

Amen and Amen silverwings! Once I heard a man thank God for his “gift” of cancer. He praised God for everything in his life and exuded grace upon grace to the people around him. What a great testimony. He died peacefully with a smile on his face, as he was saved as a child and was looking forward to seeing his Father in Heaven. He was 58, a Snap-On tool truck driver, friend, and was always relying on things unseen. Bless you, as you find truth.

Answer #11

It is not Gods will for you to leave before you have lived…

He desires that you have abundant life.

Many times, we have to go thru the bad times to get to the good ones.

If you do not consider yourself as living the abundant life, then, you have something to look forward to, and it might be very helpful to change your petitions to something like this:

Forgive me Lord, for wanting to die, and help me to find a way to want to live. Help me to forgive those who have hurt me, and help me to move forward, lead me the way I should go, forgive me for my sins, and deliver me from evil. Thank you for every good and perfect gift that comes from you. in Jesus Name. Amen.

God bless…

Answer #12


Ever read the book of Job, in the Bible? It’s one of the oldest stories dealing with God and human suffering. It’s the perennial question: why does God allow good people suffer so much in life? The answer that Job ultimately gets from God, is not comforting. God basically puts his thumb on Job, and more or less says, “who are you to question my authority on anything? I am God, you are a mortal human. As to the issue of suffering, that’s the way it is.” God then actually expects Job’s skeptical friends to ask forgiveness for their skepticism. So that’s your answer, from the Biblical God: “don’t even ask the question”.

Seems a bit callous, doesn’t it?

Answer #13

I’ve heard that adversity builds charactor…I’ve seen it happen in others…I think it would do you good to talk to someone…a counselor, maybe…to try and “view” whats come your way, thru another person’s eyes…the good things that have come along with the bad… they sometimes get lost among the bad things…we forget, or we just can’t see them anymore…


Answer #14

Job is a true testment to the curlity of God

Answer #15

im with babygirl, jester x, kingofpop their all right

Answer #16

God doesn’t exist, so he doesn’t answer prayers, regardless of how desperate they are.

Answer #17

“gift” of cancer”

are you kidding me Cancer is a horrable thing that should be wiped from the face of the earth. to say that a merciful God Gives the “gift” of cancer is acinine

Answer #18

Do you still have that pain? hummm…

It reminds me of the man that prayed,

“God, grant me patience, and DO IT NOW ! “


Answer #19

I agree with “amblessed”

also, if you think about it it is not just us that go through pain as even JESUS himself went through a lot of pain as he was rejected and nailed at the cross by the people he created. he had to go through and take in all of the disgraceful pain, that at the end of the world we may all be saved and destroyed 4ever.

Answer #20

if God brings you too it he’ll bring you through it

Answer #21

“I asked God to take my life when I had pain in the past”

Thats suicide, literally. Dont do it. No matter how stupid you think your life to be, when there’s a will, there’s a way.

“If God is supposed to be so good, why would I be let to go through that, even after I asked him to stop it?”

Everybody goes through pain. Its part of being a human, and also part of being a sinner, according to the Bible

Answer #22

I know I am a little late in this discussion. But in reference kingofpop. Granted the book itself may be a parable on the human condition. but it is Satan who challenges the truth of God’s judgment on Job. Not God. You obviously haven’t read the book of Job. Job proved that he still believed and worship God after all the pain and loss he suffered.

Jax: If you suffer in life it is because you are human. If you want to end your own pain no one but yourself can do it. God is and easy excuse for a lot of things. But wanting someone to come in and wipe the slate clean it is not going to happen. That will only lead to more unhappiness. Time heals all pain. But you will be ok when you want to be ok. When you are ready to let go of your own trials, the pain will release its grasp from you.

Answer #23

comment by- ak16 God isn’t going to put you through something that he knows you can’t handle.

Very true…God teaches us lessons and some of them are painful to learn…it is part of growing…he is alway by your side or at time may carry you. One of my favorite poems.

Footprints in the Sand

One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord. Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand. Sometimes there were two sets of footprints, other times there was one only.

This bothered me because I noticed that during the low periods of my life, when I was suffering from anguish, sorrow or defeat, I could see only one set of footprints, so I said to the Lord,

“You promised me Lord, that if I followed you, you would walk with me always. But I have noticed that during the most trying periods of my life there has only been one set of footprints in the sand. Why, when I needed you most, have you not been there for me?”

The Lord replied, “The years when you have seen only one set of footprints, my child, is when I carried you.”

Mary Stevenson, 1936

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