What will happen if I stop using a perm?

I’ve stopped using a perm and my hair just falls out. Is it better that I don’t use it, or should I start using it again? My mom says my hair will grow again, healthier and stronger. Is that true?

Answer #1

Hair grows with or without a perm. Hair never stops growing it only has a resting phase where it stops growing then fall out so new hair hair can grow.

But it’s best to stop perming if you don’t know who to really take care of relaxed hair.

Never grease your hair or scalp because it has mineral oil and petroleum which dry hair and scalp out and cause breakage and serious infection.

But if you wanna perm and grow your hair just keep it moisturize and seal with a natural oil like (olive oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil etc.) wash your hair ONE time a week and deep condition for at least 30 minutes to an hour with a moisturizing conditioner one week and a protein conditioner the next week (this keeps your hair from falling out and stay strong so it will grow longer than it was)

Answer #2

yeah try giving it some time maybe your hair was dependent on it in the meantime eat lots of things with vitamin e in them, drink lots of water and dont wash your hair too often.

Answer #3

I just stopped using chemicals too, and I’ve stopped for about 6 months and my hair has grown 5 inches, and its so pretty andd natural. It takes time for your hair to grow, but when it does it’ll start growing fast. Just deep condition once a week, but not with too much protein, and condition and shampoo once a week too, and co-wash every 2-3 days. I do that and it works great for me, my hair type is 3c, if you dont know your hair type look it up, it’ll help you find products for your hair. :)

Answer #4

Well what you should do is grease your hair often, eat things like peanuts, fish, oranges and such, try sleeping with a silk type bandana on your head so the moister can stay, and try washing your hair every 2 weeks and when your drying it try and get one of those dryers that have a come on it so you can comb it out as you dry it, and when your combing it brush it (mainly your edges and tips) so your edge hair wont come out and it causes less pain when its tangled. try not to put NEW things in your hair because when you put new chemicals like gel or grease or conditioner in you hair it makes it have a more chance of falling out because your hair doesnt adapt to new things at the first try so if you do want to put something new in just put little by little evry time so your hair can get used to it.

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