what were your most memorible memory of '09?

what were your favorite memory(s) of ‘09 and how did it make you feel when it happen???

Answer #1

me and my best friend were hangin out in the woods when this guy started to chase us out on a four wheeler we ran all over the woods in fear and sat in a 2 feet deep in river water we finally were able to sneak away before the guy could catch us and after we both were home and in dry clothes I relised somthing the hole time when we were in there the only reson I ran and didnt fight (I usaly will fight no matter how old you are or big btw the guy was like 21 we didnt know him) is because I didnt want him to catch shannon (my friend) and thats when I relised how much her friend ship ment to me we still here that guy in the woods and we have heard of him followin girls around and every time I hear of this I keep me and shannon away from the woods it was one of the worst thing that happed to us and also one of the bed because I relised how much my friends matter to me

Answer #2

I got 3rd place in my school talent show last school year…I was kind of the nerd/dork/loner to just about everyone so it felt good:]

Answer #3

Juss meeting my exx boyfriend and spending sO many great times and having a lot Of mmrs he juss tOtally stand Out this year in my life…happy hOlidays (:

Answer #4

with my four best friends we went to the coast and spent a week there, and exchanges funny/scary/sad/ect. stories.. it was amazing. thanks for asking (:

Answer #5

hanging out with my friends (: , playing paintball!!, and a LOT of quading

Answer #6

Iceskating Witth My Friends,Hanging Out With, Going To Oklahoma,And Going Into The eighth greade(:!

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